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The SunSaluter boosts solar panel efficiency by 30%, so fewer solar panels are needed and overall system costs are reduced by 10-20%. By lowering the cost of solar energy, the SunSaluter help impoverished families eliminate the use of kerosene gas, work and study longer hours, and charge cell phones. Furthermore, the SunSaluter enables solar panels to produce energy more consistently through the day, beginning earlier in the morning and lasting later at night. This is critical for rural families who often wake at sunrise, and helps reduce the need for batteries to store energy that is normally produced mostly around high noon.

"Not only has this project helped reduce expenditures but has increased the disposable income of these people so they can spend on higher quantities of food and other necessities. Since implementation, the members of this project at Khoiri have been able to complete their daily chores post 5 PM, the women can cook meals without straining their eyes, the children find it easier completing their homework while the families can sleep in the comfort of a fan inside their houses as opposed to the village street in open air. We have noticed considerable interest from other households who are keen on setting up a similar system in their houses and hope to replicate this system by early next year."

- Gauri Agrawal, Founder of the Skilled Samaritan Foundation

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