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How The SunSaluter Works

The SunSaluter is an ultra low-cost, passive, single-axis solar panel rotator (called a tracker). The SunSaluter boosts energy output by 30% by keeping a solar panel oriented towards the sun throughout the day. With improved efficiency, fewer solar panels are needed, and the overall cost per watt of solar energy is reduced. Conventional solar trackers use complex electronics which make them more than 30 times as expensive and prone to failure. That's why solar trackers have never made sense for the developing world - until now.

The SunSaluter features an adjustable design which allows it to integrate with any solar panel - no special tools needed. The solar panels are mounted on the rotating frame, a weight is suspended from one end, and a special waterclock is suspended from the other. As the water empties and the container gets lighter, the panel slowly rotates. The user can set the rate at which the waterclock empties, which controls the SunSaluter's rate of rotation.

The SunSaluter also contains a water purifier so that each day it produces four liters of clean drinking water. By combining energy and water collection into one simple device, the SunSaluter improves consistent usage of the purifier, which is the Achilles heel of clean water programs.

SunSaluters are available for purchase anywhere in the world as a Do-It-Yourself Kit, or in India a prefabricated systems. We recommend the SunSaluter for panels larger than 40 watts, but the cost-effectiveness will depend on the local cost of solar panels in your area. Please note that the SunSaluter is only the solar tracker, and does not contain a solar panel, battery, or other components needed for a fully functioning solar system.

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